According to a social media agency Hong Kong, there’s a lot of noise on social media today. That is why brands need to find ways how to sell without being salesy, as a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong says. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong agrees that videos need to give valuable pieces to viewers before directing them to the sales funnel. Below, we have compiled five ways to sell without being salesy online.

Don’t Talk “At” People

The main purpose of selling is to build relationships. People love to buy, but they hate sales pitches. What they want are genuine connections. So, brands and businesses should do less talking to them and do more listening.  As brands and businesses listen to their audiences, they will know their interests, needs, pain points, and preferences. It will then be easier to convince the target audiences to buy their offerings and sell other products or services.

Get To Know Your Target Audience

Brands and businesses need to understand the motivations behind a search. These are called search intents, or the purposes of online searches. There are four general categories of search intents. They are either commercial, informational, navigational, or transactional. It is best for brands and businesses to know the search intent category of every prospect they are targeting. It is also best to know their demographics to easily find a way to sell without being salesy.

Give Away a Lot of Free Value

People do not care about a brand, product, or service at first glance. What they care about is the value that the brand, product, or service can offer. That is why it is important to give a lot of free value. Engage first and sell later. This is the principle of giving before receiving. Offer free products or promotional freebies. Share pieces of content that are relevant and valuable to your audience. Share your brand story and highlight how you can help them. In the end, you can sell without being salesy as you earned their trust and loyalty.

Understand People Don’t Care About Your Product

As mentioned, people do not care about a brand, product, or service at first glance. So, it is important for brands and businesses to focus on their customers. Let them know how your products or services can improve their lives. The most effective way is to highlight user-generated content. Let them know that others like them benefited from your offerings. For them, it will not be a sales pitch. Rather, they will treat UGCs as recommendations.

Use Marketing Psychology Tactics

There are also several ways to use marketing psychology to sell without being salesy. These include:

  • Appeal to the audiences’ emotions through storytelling. As they get emotionally connected, they give more support to a brand or business.
  • Color branding. Unique colors can make the feel of audiences for brands and businesses different.
  • Publish social proofs. People love to follow the crowd and recommendations from prestigious entities.
  • Use FOMO (fear of missing out) strategies. These include seasonal sales and time-limited promotions.