According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, a key to success is to spend less and earn more. It means budgeting your funds wisely. Even a social media agency Hong Kong highlights the importance of maximizing your ad spending by focusing on campaigns that have a bigger return on investment (ROI). If you are looking for ways to save money and time in your marketing strategies, here are some ways to save on marketing campaigns.

Convert Research Reports into Infographics

An infographic is a visual representation of data or information. It is one of the most shareable pieces of content on social media. Besides building the credibility of a brand or business, an infographic can also increase conversion and reach. Creating visually appealing credible information can largely influence decision-making among your target audiences. One way to save on marketing campaigns is to turn research results into a visual chart – infographics. If you have a 300 to 500 research report, you can gather the key ideas and creatively convert them into infographics. In that way, the data or information will be more digestible.

Convert Whitepapers into eBooks

Whitepapers are written documents promoting a product, service, or solution for a certain industry or niche. Its ai to is to persuade public decisions through factual and technical evidence. Written in an academic style, they are typically 2500 words long. eBooks, on the other hand, are electronic versions of traditional prints. A unique advantage of an eBook is its portability. Readers can view the eBook anywhere from any internet-connected device. It may be a smart move to turn the content of your whitepaper into an eBook. You can definitely save on marketing campaigns as they can be a lead generation magnet.

Trade Show Banners into Social Media Images

A banner stands as the workhorse of marketing during physical events and trade shows. It is a great work of art that highlights the branding and character of a business. If you have company banners sitting in your office closet, you may want to recycle them as social media images. You can turn your physical logos into digital logos and let them serve as your banner image on your social media accounts.

Turn Print Newsletters and Direct Mail into Email

You can get more out of your print newsletters by turning them into digital pieces of content. Creativity is the key to saving money on marketing campaigns. Get the main idea on the newsletter to create a short digital ad copy. Copy the image, put a short description, and use a call-to-action button at the end. They can help boost audience engagement and website traffic.

Turn Your Radio/TV Ad Copy into a Social Media Post

video marketing agency Hong Kong recommends turning your radio or TV ad copy into digital audio or video format that you can upload to your social media pages. You can tone down the content into being sale-sy before uploading them. In such a way, they can be used as Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates, or tweets to capture people’s attention. They can help you grow your followers on your social media pages while saving money on marketing campaigns.

Upload Brochures to Your Website

Brochures are promotional documents highlighting the unique selling proposition (USP) of a brand, business, product, or service. Most of the time, brochures contain a list of products and services offered by a brand or business. Each product or service comes with details and specifications. Turning these brochures into digital catalogs is another way to save on marketing campaigns. Upload the brochure on a web page to help customers easily find what you offer.