As people’s attention span gets shorter, short-form videos get hotter! It all started during the COVID-19 pandemic. To kill boredom, many netizens use TikTok as a form of expression. As it boomed, many social media platforms cloned the app. 

YouTube is one of the late cloners of TikTok. It launched “Shorts” last March. They are 15 to 60 seconds music clips that disappear after 7 days unless a YouTube channel creator saves them. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights that YouTube Shorts offer a different viewing experience because they are in vertical format. As people access different apps via mobile, YouTube Shorts stand out when it comes to quality and precision.

Below, let us take a look at the YouTube Shorts report for Q3 of 2021.


YouTube started testing Shorts in India in September 2019. That was right after TikTok was banned in the said country. After 6 months of testing, YouTube Shorts was globally launched. 

With a 9:16 aspect ratio, YouTube Shorts take up the entire mobile screen. A huge pack of engaging music and visual effects make them more engaging and fun than regular videos, as a video marketing agency Hong Kong noted.

What is unique about YouTube Shorts is that they allow the participation of the uploader in the short clip. They can act like the ones singing or talking on audios and voice-overs. They can also add an extra flair to the visuals through animations, virtual backgrounds, effects, and GIFs.

After launching YouTube Shorts, the platform is determined to boost its discovery. YouTube enabled a dedicated Shorts tab on channel feeds and timelines. They also included Shorts as part of recommended and suggested videos during a search. YouTube also launched a Shorts Campaign last August. This was followed by a recent promotional partnership with music artists such as Camila Cabello, The Weeknd, and Ed Sheeran. 


A social media agency Hong Kong notes that 1/3 of all global Internet users are on YouTube. It makes the platform an ideal haven for short-form videos. 

After YouTube Shorts was launched, it has recorded 15 billion daily average views. As such, they have significantly helped creators boost channel subscriptions.

YouTube Shorts Report is a twice a month content, inspiration, product, and tips update in a scrollable format. It aims to support YouTube Creators to help figure out their next Shorts creation. 

Content: What’s Happening?

Many Shorts creators have an overactive imagination. They put it to good use by becoming the main character in creative scenarios. POV videos are rising among YouTube Shorts. 

Most YouTuber’s POV skits add a wholesome approach or provide context about the universe. The most engaging POV Shorts invite viewers to an immersive experience of the new reality. 

Using humorous and relatable characters, they capture the audiences’ curiosities. These concepts open up doors for daydreaming and spark engaging discussions.

Strategy: Seeking Attention Seekers

The first 3 seconds of YouTube videos are golden. That is why YouTube Shorts are straight to the point. They make it relevant to the viewer and set proper expectations within the first few seconds.

What is good about YouTube Shorts is that it allows you to visualize your audience persona and mimic them. As such, you can create Shorts content that your viewers would get interested in or long for.

Since YouTube Shorts have a length of 15 to 60 seconds, experimenting with a TON can help creators discover what work and what didn’t. By taking a look at the analytics, creators can evolve a niche. With a good data backup, it is easier to campaign using YouTube Shorts.

Tool: Audio Tips

The right audio can make or break YouTube Shorts and other forms of videos. Here are some helpful tips from YouTube to level up your Shorts audio:

  • Find them on feeds. When scrolling in the Shorts tab, check what’s the favorite audios among viewers. Creators can use them at the moment to join and jump on the trend’s bandwagon.
  • Make sure that your audio does not overpower your voice when you are speaking. A trick is to click the volume in the middle of the video and drag the lever to make sure that your voice is heard.
  • Think about your audience persona. Make sure you are using tracks that interest them. Not all pop songs can be appealing to everyone. Sometimes, the more serious professionals get annoyed with them.


When it comes to YouTube Shorts, content, strategy, and tool should be united. Use content to let them know what is happening. Be straight in your strategy to seeking the viewers’ attention. Make your YouTube Shorts stand out with a great mix of voice and music.