Top SEO Techniques to Drive More Traffic This 2021

Online marketing faces a lot of challenges and changes every year. And so does SEO. It is especially a dynamic process with search engine algorithms updating every month. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, there are around 3.5 billion daily Google searches. But only 0.78% of these searchers click on the second page of search results. For businesses to stay on the front pages of search results, they need to apply a lot of flexibility and innovations. The most important part is optimizing SEO. Below are top SEO techniques to drive more traffic to your website this 2021.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today, AI played an important role in the personalization of content. A social media agency Hong Kong notes that Ai has greatly helped determine what the searchers are looking for. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning can be a game-changer when doing A/B experiments among social media platforms. These help brands decode the best-performing ads and content based on algorithms. 

Core Web Vitals

Google announced new search ranking metrics last May 2020. These are called core web vitals. Core web vitals rank pages according to interactivity, loading, and visual stability. These metrics aim to provide searchers a better website experience. Businesses should pay close attention to optimize the chat functions of a website. They should also work on increasing the loading speed of their pages and compressing visuals to make them mobile-friendly. 

Google EAT & Branded SEO

The main factor when ranking Google search results today is a human reviewer. A human reviewer rates websites based on the Google EAT guidelines. It stands for the following:

  • Expertise reflects the site content’s knowledge over a niche. 
  • Authority is equal to the influence of the site among online viewers.
  • Trust equates to the audiences’ confidence in visiting the site.

A site that displays expertise, authority, and trust is more likely to rank higher on Google. The trend is that reputable brands give more value to consumers because of their larger audience reach.

Influencer SEO

One of the top SEO techniques to drive more traffic to a brand’s website is to partner with influencers. They may be a thought leader from an industry or a key opinion leader (KOL). But most of the time, these people are those who have the power to affect the buying decisions of social media users. Today, around 89% of marketers believe that influencer SEO is the best digital marketing technique. Influencers can help a website build high-quality backlinks. They can create relevant brand content and link it to your products and services. If the content goes viral, there is a higher chance that Google will put it on the top search. Search engines have a soft spot over trending and viral content. 

Original and Unique Content

Creating original and unique content is still the best technique to drive traffic to a website. Consumers nowadays are very smart. They don’t just click and buy according to impulse. They first read the product description, pros & cons, and reviews on a website before making a purchase. With so many competitors online, brands should aim to create content that offers a unique value to their audiences. Some good content materials are case studies, customer testimonials, experiments, infographics, etc. 

Video Marketing

A video marketing agency Hong Kong cited YouTube as the second most popular search engine after Google. With over 1 billion users, it is high time for brands to tap into video marketing. Brands that have a video channel and name can link video content to their social media platforms and websites. To rank in Google search results, they should use relevant keywords when putting captions and meta descriptions on their YouTube videos. It is also best to put a channel description to let Google know what your YouTube channel is all about.

Voice Search

Today, more than 50% of smartphone users engage in voice search. Most of these voice search queries are long-tailed and very specific. As such, brands should optimize the voice search function of their websites to drive more traffic. Such an SEO trend is expected to rise in staggering numbers this 2021. To optimize the voice search function of a website, a business should input multilingual, multi-speech, and multi-text on their voice search functions. They should also list with a physical address on Google My Business as voice search commonly prioritizes local listings. Apart from the physical location, people often commonly search for the exact day and time when a business operates.

The Bottom Line

As a rule of thumb on SEO, businesses should build a website for the consumers and not a spider for a search engine like Google. It is worthless even if you rank on top of the first page of a search result if you can’t convert your leads into customers.


Tips to Improve Your Content Writing for SEO

Nowadays, most people search for products and services online. They connect to brands and businesses via social media and messaging platforms. According to a social media agency Hong Kong, the number of monthly active users (MAU) in different social networks significantly increases. To date, Facebook has 2.85 billion MAU, Instagram has 1 billion MAU, LinkedIn has 740 million MAU, Pinterest has 478 million MAU, and Twitter has 340 million MAU. These statistics make online visibility for brands and businesses very important. People spend a lot of time online more than ever. So, content marketers need to improve SEO.


SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of boosting the quality and quantity of traffic on a brand’s website. Most businesses believe that the more visitors you draw to a website, the more chances you can convert them into customers. If search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo show a brand on top of search results, it is more likely for it to be discovered around the world. This can build up a good brand reputation. There are a lot of ways to boost SEO. One of the best SEO strategies is content writing. It is the process of creating, editing, and planning web content. With the proper use of keywords and tags, content writing can bring visitors to a website. With the right content information and organization, content writing can show readers how wonderful a brand is. 


As content writing and SEO go hand in hand, brands must enhance their SEO efforts when creating content. A content landing on the 50th page of search engines is equal to an invisible creation. It does not have any value if your audience will not be able to read it. Below are some tips to improve your content writing for SEO according to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong.

Be Original and Unique

The very first step in improving your content writing for SEO is to improve your website first. You should keep all your content under one roof or domain name. This is to promote your brand identity online. You can choose an easy-to-use and reliable web hosting service like WordPress to create a website. Keep it as simple as possible for both the website admins and users. After creating a website, you can start creating original and unique content. Write topics related to your niche. Display your expertise in your written messages. A very important step to creating original and unique content is to take time researching to validate your information.

Get to Know Your Audience First

Many brands commit the mistake of writing content without researching the audience persona first. It is important to identify your target audience’s interest, problem, and style before making content. Not all posts should be sales-y. There are times when educating your customers can be a good SEO strategy. By getting to know your audience first, you can create content that attracts them based on their interest, match their style, and solve their problems. Achieving such goals allow search engines to rank higher when the audience searches. 

Make Catchy and Strong Headlines

The title of the content is a short text that makes a big impression. That is why you should not underestimate the power of creating a catchy and strong headline. Always remember that the title is what comes out on a search result. Aim for a headline that catches people’s attention by beginning with trigger words. Informational content can use “Top 5” or “How to” titles. When you are creating content to offer products and services, “Free,” “Sale,” and “Win” can be very inviting.

Optimize Keywords and Phrases

Keywords are search terms used by content writers to optimize SEO. They are the common phrases people type online when searching for something. Content writing should use relevant keywords that match their target audience’s needs and interests. They should strategically be included several times within the content. Yet, content writing should also avoid overusing keywords. They will just turn your readers off and decrease the confidence among brands. Most general blog sites have built-in tagging capabilities for keywords. The key is to use them naturally when writing your content. Besides the title, the meta description of content also shows up in search results. It is a summary of what the content is all about. A video marketing agency Hong Kong recommends using your keywords within the meta description as much as possible. It is an effective way to boost the discovery of a video as well as written content.

Promote Natural Link Building

Content writing is not only writing the content. You will need to do thorough research to provide credible and accurate information to your audience. As such, link building can help improve the SEO of content writing. There are two ways of link building in written content. The first one is internal linking where you connect your writing to a previous post within your website. The second one is external linking where you connect your content to an outside website that is a source of your information. To allow a natural flow of backlinking, choose to use reputable websites on the niche you are writing. For internal links, choose only the posts that are relevant to what you are writing. Again, don’t overdo it. Keep it as minimal and relevant as possible.

Structure Your Posts

Do you believe in eye strain? This condition affects how online users surf the web. If the content is unorganized and not presented well, users will most likely leave because of eye strain. To improve your content writing for SEO, you must learn how to cut paragraphs and sentences into sections. Use proper text hierarchy through headline tagging. Titles should be tagged as H1, subtitles as H2, and so on. 

Take in Rich Media on Your Content

The human brain can process visual content 60,000 times faster than text descriptions. Videos get 1200% share than text and images. So, don’t let your content come out boring by only using text. Use relevant images or videos to boost engagement in content writing. Rich media can also propel your content on social media. Social media is a powerful tool to boost SEO in written content. Sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter exposes the content to a large number of communities and users. 


Optimizing Your Search Engine

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your site’s visibility on relevant searches. The more your pages rank on top of search results, the more likely you’ll get discovered. Such discoveries increase traffic on your website and give you more chances to convert your website visitors into buyers. The main goal of SEO is to be on top of the first page of every search engine. The top 3 search engines in the world are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Unlike paid search ads, there is no way you can search engines to put you on top of organic search ranking. SEO is something you have to work on and continuously maintain. 


Google, Bing, and Yahoo use bots to collect information about different online pages. These bots crawl from site to site and go to different web pages to index them. After indexing, they take into account hundreds of factors and signals to rank each page. The algorithm is designed to put authoritative and relevant pages on top of the search results for a given query. For a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, the most common factors to SEO are content quality, crawlability, keyword research, and mobile friendliness. Content quality and keyword research are the keys to optimize content pages. On the other hand, crawlability and mobile-friendliness are the keys to optimize a website architecture. 

Search engines are also called answer machines. It is because their main goal is to give the most relevant answer to an online query. As they want every website to succeed, they have published basic guidelines on how to make your site rank high on every search. 

The basic webmaster guideline of Google is as follows:

  • Create pages for users and not for search engines.
  • Do not mislead your users.
  • Do not engage in tricks to improve your search ranking.
  • Focus on making your website engaging, unique, and valuable. 

The basic webmaster guideline of Bing is as follows:

  • Create clear, deep, easy-to-find, and engaging content.
  • Use clear and relevant titles.
  • Grow your links organically.
  • Encourage content sharing. 
  • Optimize the speed of your site for a positive and useful user experience.
  • Use alt-text to caption images and videos for Bing to understand these types of content.
  • Use alt attributes to describe images so that Bing can better understand the content.

The basic webmaster guideline of Yahoo is as follows:

  • All pages must have a relevant title.
  • Short titles rank well. It is recommended to limit your page title to 67 characters.
  • Use meta descriptions to summarize your page content.
  • Avoid using hidden single-pixel links and invisible text. 

Webmaster guidelines vary per search engine, but they have one common element – that is to provide an accurate, clear, and straightforward answer to a user’s query.


The harsh truth is, that a website is considered invisible if it doesn’t rank in Google, Bing, or Yahoo’s top 10 search results. Most users only read the first page of search engine results, which is commonly the first 10 links. The good news is, there are several strategies and techniques you can follow to optimize the SEO of your pages. By adhering to these best SEO practices, you will surely rank high on the search pages of 2021.

Create content that aligns with the search intent of your target audience. The purpose behind every search query is called search intent. They are the ultimate priority of search engines. The 4 common types of search intent are:

  • Commercial – looking for a specific product.
  • Informational – looking for specific information.
  • Navigational – looking for a specific app or website.
  • Transactional – looking for a specific brand or item to buy.

One best SEO practice is to create content and pages set for these types of search intent.

Use compelling title tags and meta description. Title tags are clickable headlines, while meta description is a summary of page content. Most searchers are scanners. This means that they prefer to read the first 3 or 4 lines of content. Among search engines, what comes out are the title tags and meta description of content or page. So, be sure that you get the user’s attention by merely reading the headline. Better yet, make the meta description as engaging to let them know what’s in store for them when they visit your page. The same goes for images and video content. A video marketing agency Hong Kong noted that titles and meta descriptions boost the discovery of visuals.

Optimize your site images. Images play an important role to boost traffic to your website. Finding the relevant image makes your content more desirable and engaging. However, optimizing your site images is another thing. Images with very large sizes can slow down the loading speed of your site. Likewise, too small images may not be very appealing. The key to optimizing your search engine optimization via images is to use the right format and size that fit a page. JPEG and PNG are the most-used image format on the web. This is because they can easily be compressed. A social media agency Hong Kong noted that there are different image sizes specified by different social media networks. These guidelines can be accessed through this cheat sheet

Optimize your site speed. There are several free tools that you can use to help determine your page speed. Some of them are:

Besides image compression, you can make your site load faster by:

  • Avoiding complex designs and dynamic elements (CSS and JavaScript files).
  • Avoiding pop-ups and redirects on your site if possible.
  • Choosing the right hosting service with a faster server response time.
  • Deleting unnecessary website components.
  • Enabling temporary data storage called caching.

Connect your pages through internal linking. The best way to optimize your search engine optimization is by creating lots of content and pages and linking them internally. This is important because it helps search engines better and deeply understand your website. 

Organize your website content. An organized website gives a better user experience. People will keep coming back to you, and it will establish your authority among search engines. An organized website doesn’t have intruding pop-ups, uses menu and subheadings for easier navigation, and uploads visually appealing content.

Keep your URL simple. A URL is an address of a webpage. It is the unique link generated by a page over the web. Keeping a simple URL can boost a site’s ranking in search results. Most websites sign up for a URL shortener site to make their URL readable. It also puts important keywords on their unique link. These keywords are the ones that users normally type on their query.

SEO Marketing in Hong Kong

If you haven’t noticed, SEO marketing in Hong Kong isn’t all that different from marketing elsewhere. SEO is really just another marketing strategy, albeit one that involves a little bit more of an understanding of what people want and need. While it can be difficult to do this, if you know where to look for keywords and how to incorporate them into the content of your website, SEO can be extremely effective.

SEO marketing in Hong Kong, though, is much different than you might think. You’re dealing with an entirely different audience and they are generally much more interested in what they want. When you try to sell to people who don’t really understand the main purpose of your marketing efforts, your sales campaign will be less successful than you’d like. People aren’t buying stuff in Hong Kong because they’re in search of a better life, or because they want to know about a new product, they want to get a bargain.

When you try to sell in the middle of a search engine, a consumer who just wants a bargain will be able to find it at the bottom of the first page of the search engine, while an individual who is more interested in what you have to say will simply click the first few links and move on to the next page. You need to focus on these people so that you can get your website noticed by the people that are really looking for your product or service. Instead of trying to market to everyone, you need to focus on the people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. This is where SEO marketing in Hong Kong can come into its own.

SEO marketing in Hong Kong focuses on getting your website noticed by the search engines. This means you need to optimize the pages that you have on your site so that they appear on the search results when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase. You need to learn how to do this so that you can make sure that your website is seen by as a useful resource instead of a spam website.

There are a number of methods to optimize your website, but perhaps the most important is to ensure that your site is properly listed in the search engines so that others can find your information without having to look through a lot of pages or clicking to find it. In Hong Kong, the most important SEO ranking factor is the page rank, which indicates how popular your website is.

The importance of link building cannot be understated, particularly as it relates to the search engines. Search engines have a much bigger role in determining who sees your site compared to other factors such as popularity. It’s possible to build a link through various methods, but it’s often best to get as many links as you can that will help get your website recognized. If you’re unsure about how to go about this, there are several options available to help you with this aspect of marketing your business.

How To Create Your Own Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing has been on the rise in the last few years with people realizing how powerful it can be as a part of an overall strategic online marketing strategy. With increasing competition and stiffer budgets, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to adopt and implement video advertising. However, how exactly does a business go about using video as part of its overall marketing campaign?

Social web content videos are a particularly effective feature of an integrated marketing communication strategy designed to build audience engagement through interactive social interaction on a single video. Content videos are often submitted to a variety of social networking sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other similar video websites. A company can choose to submit content videos to as many sites as it feels it needs, and it can also choose to only use one or two social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, when it advertises or promotes its videos. Once an audience has viewed a video, they can leave comments that can further entice them to visit the website of the company which created the video in the first place.

Many social media sites have become the first port of call for many businesses looking to market their products and services. Some companies choose to use only a handful of social sites to promote their videos. Others use all the major social media websites as part of their overall online marketing strategy. In both cases, the aim is to create a well crafted and well presented video that attracts viewers to the company’s website. For example, if the company is running a promotion for its new website, then it will post the video to a number of social media sites, as well as providing a link to the site.

When a person watches the video, he can click on the link, and this will redirect the viewer to the company’s profile page where he can click on the “Like” button and then “Share” to pass along the information about the promotion. This method of marketing may not always work; however, it is still a valuable asset in terms of generating traffic, which a business will benefit from if it intends to use video in the future.

Every business uses video on its website in a variety of different ways. One of the most commonly used types of video is an introduction video, which is designed to make a prospective customer aware of the company, what it offers and its products. This type of video is often accompanied by a sales page that provides further details of the product and its benefits. This method of promoting is usually best suited to smaller businesses that do not have a huge budget to spend on advertising campaigns and promotions.

Another type of video that many companies use is a demonstration video, which is used to promote a product and/or service in a short period of time. If the video is intended to be informative and/or educational, then it can be created using a combination of text and images. For instance, a business could create a video detailing the technical side of a software program or how to use it. It can also be created by showing how the product works and then using it to sell the same product. An interactive video can also be created by combining text with animated images in a unique manner, showing how the product or service works with the user’s hands.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important In Online Marketing

Why digital marketing is important? If you have been in the online marketing business for a while now, then you probably understand the significance of it. It has become an essential part of daily life, to perform searches, read news online, buy items online and engage in social media interactions.

Why do you think people visit the Internet? A big part is because they want to find what they need. The web is a very efficient medium in which to search for things. They may also be looking for ways to buy products and services online. All these factors add up to people searching the web for a solution to their problem. All of them add up to you selling your own products online to the people who come to your site.

When people search online for their product or service, you have to keep on providing your best product or service. You have to provide the best product or service available to your potential clients. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you have to stay up to date with new information as well. There are thousands of new products released every day, so you have to be ready to give your customers the best quality product or service possible. You have to give them a reason to visit your website instead of the other competitors.

It is also a good idea to provide people with something useful to do. This can include newsletters, reviews and other types of content that can help you improve your business. For example, a blog where you can update people about the latest promotions, tips and tricks for your customers. They will be more likely to come back and read your blog if it has useful information. Another option is to create and distribute newsletters.

A lot of people who try to compete in the online market do not know what they should actually be doing. Many times they make a mistake of trying to do all of the advertising that they possibly can, while neglecting some aspects of marketing. Digital marketing is one aspect of your online marketing campaign that can get the most benefit from.

If you follow the simple rules that are outlined here, you will soon be able to understand why digital marketing is important in your online marketing campaign. The process of using this method of marketing should also be considered as part of your overall marketing strategy. You should make sure that you use the right tools that are specific to your business. to get the most out of your efforts.

Instagram Marketing in Hong Kong

Instagram has become one of the most popular and widely-used social networking websites in the world and it is not hard to see why; it is fun, easy to use, and also very affordable. However, as you may be aware, there are some things that you should be aware of when using this powerful tool to promote your business.

One of the biggest benefits of Instagram is that you don’t need a website. Therefore, if you run your business from home or are just looking for a new way to advertise your business, you can easily take advantage of Instagram. It is also a very cheap platform, so you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get your account up and running. You will also enjoy its many applications – you can add friends to your network, share images, videos, and even text messages with your friends.

The downside to using Instagram is that you can easily lose track of the content that you put up. If you’re not careful, people will start spamming your posts with ads, which can really ruin your day if you don’t have enough followers. So, to prevent this from happening, you will want to regularly post your photos, updates, and other pictures to your profile. This will ensure that people can find and view your pictures regularly.

The biggest mistake that people make when using Instagram is not posting enough information about themselves. If you do not know anything about a certain product, service, or personality, chances are you won’t be able to attract customers. This is why you need to have a photo album filled with photos and articles that show off your talents, hobbies, and interests. It may take some time to find and create your own portfolio, but it is well worth it.

Another thing that you should consider when doing Instagram social media campaigns is how to make your photos searchable. Most people who try and search for information on Instagram will only end up with a huge amount of spam, so you need to make sure that your pictures are in the correct category and displayed properly. Also, make sure that your posts are interesting and that they are related to the content in your account – this can help you gain a lot of followers, especially when it comes to networking.

One of the best things that you can do is to get involved with other businesses and brands that are using Instagram. By creating a network, you will find out what other people are using the app and what people are interested in. You may find that the people who are using the app have a lot of followers and they would like to have the same information as you.

Why Purchase When There’s a Free Option?

Is it really possible to learn how to market your business online using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for free? Can you actually learn to market your online business using these platforms without having to invest any money into acquiring the necessary tools or training?

Well the answer to this question is a resounding yes, but there are some things that you need to take into consideration before you enroll yourself into any type of social media marketing class. What do I mean by this? Well, I mean that if you are going to purchase any sort of social networking online training course for your business, then you might want to pay a little extra money for it because you can never really find the good ones.

You see there are so many different social networking classes out there, so how do you even know which one is worth paying the money for. This is something that you need to consider because you may end up wasting quite a bit of money purchasing a course that does not have everything that it claims to have. So how do you know what to look for? You should try and do a little bit of research on the internet and see what other people have said about the different programs available out there.

One of the first things that you should look for in a good social media marketing course is one that will teach you how to effectively create and manage social media accounts. There are two different ways that you can go about doing this, which are either through using the programs that you can download from the internet or via using a paid service. You should definitely try and get a course that allows you to do both of these methods. If you have a lot of friends and want to promote your business online, you might want to consider using the downloaded programs.

If however, you want to promote your business with the help of free courses, then you should make sure that they include all the information that you will ever need when learning how to market your business online. This includes creating and managing multiple social media profiles, as well as promoting and advertising your business online. You should also want to be able to understand how to use various social networking sites and the different platforms.

If you are serious about learning how to market your business using social networking, then you need to find a program that will provide you with everything that you need to succeed. and teach you the proper way of doing these things. This means that you need to look for a social marketing course that will give you all the information that you need and make sure that it teaches you everything that you will ever need to know when it comes to marketing your online business.

Key Opinion Leaders in Hong Kong

If you are interested in taking part in a key opinion poll and would like to learn how to get your opinion on the matter out there, you may wish to take the time to learn about one of the leading opinion leaders in Hong Kong. These are the folks who make the headlines whenever the issue of public opinion is debated in the media, and who have proven their worth time again in getting their voices heard and expressed in public opinion polls.

The opinions of the people living in Hong Kong can sometimes be taken for granted – especially when compared with the opinions of the many in other places around the world. However, they are as important as the ones of the residents of the City State.

It is vital that you take the time to research and understand some of the key opinion polls that are conducted by the leading opinion makers in Hong Kong, so that you are prepared to express your own views on any number of topics. It can be hard to decide what type of public opinion polls you wish to participate in, when it comes to Hong Kong, as there are several options available, depending upon the nature of the poll and the interests of the survey takers. Some of the most popular opinion polls conducted in Hong Kong include the opinion poll on the economy, the opinion poll on immigration, the opinion poll on local government, and the opinion poll on the health service.

Some of the most interesting surveys that you might consider participating in involve public opinion on issues such as Hong Kong’s unique political history, the future of Hong Kong’s economy, the future of Hong Kong’s relationship with China, and even the future of the business climate in Hong Kong. These are among the most popular types of polls that you can participate in, and the ones that will most often result in positive outcomes.

Regardless of whether you participate in one of these popular opinion polls or not, it is imperative that you understand and take the time to learn all about the public opinion in Hong Kong. This way, you will be better prepared to be an informed, well-informed participant in one of these types of surveys.

Remember, public opinion is something that is more than just opinion. You can make your opinions count. Take the time to learn about the key opinion leaders in Hong Kong, and then put your best foot forward by taking the time to participate in one of the many popular opinion surveys that are available for you to take part in.

Effective Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing in Hong Kong is an important part of a business and the success of it depends on it. This form of advertising is very effective as it can generate a lot of traffic to your site, thus giving you a good chance to grow your business.

However, if you want to be successful with Search Engine Marketing in Hong Kong, you have to follow some tips and strategies that can help you to get the best results. First, the first step to do is to choose the right keyword that is targeted for your business. You will find the most popular keywords in Hong Kong, so choosing the right one is not much of a challenge.

Second, make sure that you get the keyword optimized for search engines, so that it is easy to reach by the users. To do this, you will have to hire a professional company who knows how to optimize the keyword properly. However, if you want to do the work yourself, then you can follow some simple steps.

Third, write down a copy of your business page, including the title, description, keywords, pictures and links. The copy should be short and to the point as this will help the search engines in indexing your page.

Fourth, add a meta tag to your pages. In addition, place the keyword in every page, so that users can easily reach your site. Last, use content management system so that you can manage the content according to your taste.

Once you have created a successful search engine marketing in Hong Kong, you can now focus more on the marketing campaigns. However, before doing so, make sure that you know how to go about it. There are several tools and software that you can choose from so that you can easily do the tasks. One such tool is AdSense, where you can earn income through advertisements placed on your site.

However, if you want to earn money online, you should also have a website which can be used for advertising as well. To do this, you can opt for Blogs or Squidoo lens, both of which are very popular when it comes to online advertising.

With so many different ways to promote your site, it is advisable that you keep on adding new ones. so that you can always come up with something new to promote. You also have to make sure that your business has good visibility to your target market.

Marketing is not an easy but at the same time it is an important job, especially for people who want to start their own business online. So, do not worry and keep on adding more content to your site to increase the ranking and visibility. And the last but not the least; never stop trying. As long as you follow these simple steps, you will surely succeed with Search Engine Marketing in Hong Kong.