According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, today’s competition is very stiff. As a social media agency Hong Kong notes, it is not only because of the large number of competitors. It is also more of the noise that social media posts create. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights the importance of segmented targeting for brands and businesses to make the most of their ads and campaigns. As such, it calls for an ideal target persona, an audience bearing the traits of somebody who will most likely buy a product or service. Below, we have listed the best ways to create an actionable buyer persona.


A buyer persona is a profile of a target customer. It describes an ideal customer of a brand or business based on analytics, insights, and research. Insights may include how they make decisions and what are the challenges they face in making a purchase. Other terms for a buyer persona are customer persona or marketing profile.

It is common for brands and businesses to have multiple buyer personas. That is because they use different criteria for evaluating them. These include buying power, decision-making capabilities, and demographics. What is essential for brands and businesses is to emphasize and understand their customers, to do a better job in influencing their buying decision, and nurturing within a community of engaged followers.

A buyer persona helps keep the focus on customers’ needs and pain points. It means sustaining the business with continuous buyers. It can also guide businesses to build better offerings and effective marketing strategies. In general, a buyer persona is important to sustain business growth and sales.


Consult Internal Stakeholders

Collaboration is one core element of marketing success. The first step to creating an actionable buyer persona is to consult internal stakeholders. These include your customer support, marketing, product development, and sales team. As front liners in the business, they have thorough knowledge about what customers like, complaints, and demand.

Leverage Online Innovation and Tools

Technology offers many innovations to get to know your customers better. Social media platforms are equipped with analytics and insights that brands and businesses can use to create an actionable buyer persona. Some of the best ways to leverage online innovation and tools to create an actionable buyer persona are:

  • Encourage rating, reviews, and user-generated content (UGC).
  • Uncover trends on how customers find your ads, campaigns, and content.
  • Use form feeds to capture valuable persona data and generate leads.

Survey Real Buyers

There is no better way in creating an actionable persona than surveying real buyers. Interviewing customers allows brands and businesses what they like and dislike about an offering. It also provides in-depth and non-obvious details about how, when, and why they make the purchase. Such an action requires strong interviewing and listening skills. In the end, they can lead brands and businesses in the right direction.