Social media evolves through connection and collaboration. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights the importance of finding the best content that the audience wants. This is to keep them coming back to you. According to a social media agency Hong Kong, the best way to connect and collaborate is through content curation.

Content curation is more than sharing. A video marketing agency Hong Kong notes that they provide extra value to social media followers while highlighting the industry expertise of a brand or business. It is a valuable social media marketing strategy as the key to content creation is “value.” Below, let’s explore some ideas on how to master content curation.


Content curation means to assemble, categorize, comment on, present, and select the highest-quality and most relevant information that meets the target audience’s needs on a specific topic. In simple terms, curated content means sharing content from other sources. It includes linking information on a blog post from another source, rounding up advice from industry experts, or sharing a social media post. The role of a content curator is to share the most valuable content among their target audiences.


Effective content creation does not require too much mental effort. All you need to do is strategize. Your creativity and focus to give value to your readers and viewers are the keys. It is worth investing time as content curation offers a lot of benefits.

  • Build Relationships. A significant factor that influences the success of an online brand or business is networking. Backlinking, collaborating, connecting, or tagging the author of the original post to your content creation can build relationships. The page of the curated content and its backlinks will support each other in terms of SEO. Reaching out to the author will start a conversation and possibly a long-term connection. 
  • Diversify Your Social Media Posting. Content curation allows you to experiment with different social media formats. It also allows you to share different opinions and new ideas. As such, it diversifies your social media posting.
  • Position a Brand as an Industry Leader. It is not only original content that can build a brand reputation. Curating shows that a brand knows the best stuff and the latest trends in your niche. It gives an impression that a brand is an industry leader.
  • Saves Money & Time. Curating content is the cheapest and fastest way to fill in a social media calendar. Sharing another post is free as long as you give due respect to the author. You also no longer need to spend hours on content creation from time to time.


Mastering content curation means ensuring that curated content has the following elements.

Creatively Repurposed

Like a museum curator, a content curator needs to do some research. They need to source the best information that their audience might be interested in. Once you’ve found the best pieces, you will need to creatively repurpose them. The smartest way to do so is to transform them into another format. You can turn an article piece into a webinar, a blog post into a newsletter content, an eBook to a list of statistics, or the talking points of a podcast into an infographic. 

Credit the Rightful Owners

The golden rule of content creation is to always give credit to the rightful owners. Google does not accept plagiarism either. So, it is important to backlink to your sources. Better yet, ask the author’s permission for you to share the content.

Relevant to the Industry or Niche

For content curation to be educational, entertaining, and inspiring, it should be relevant to the industry or niche. You cannot just share any type of content for a brand or business. The theme should revolve around the values it offers. Content relevance is also the most important SEO element for social media sharing.