LinkedIn has over 690 million monthly active users (MAUs). The number is only a fraction compared to Facebook and Instagram. But brands and businesses should never underestimate the power of LinkedIn. As the largest network of professionals, it is in the platform where you can mostly find decision-makers. This makes LinkedIn a powerful tool for marketing.

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights that LinkedIn is an effective platform for content marketing. Around 3 million users share content on LinkedIn weekly and they generated 9 million impressions. When it comes to cost per click (CPC), LinkedIn beats Google by 28%.

Furthermore, a social media agency Hong Kong notes that 80% of B2B leads are generated from LinkedIn. Whereas Twitter only generates 13% and Facebook only generates 7%. Below are some ways of improving lead quality with LinkedIn ads.

Amplify Successful Organic Posts 

Organic content is unpaid LinkedIn posts that provide value to target audiences. They can be discovered through keyword searches. Organic content is a resource that can help build your Linked Company Page. As they attract people to follow your brand, they can promote trust and provide social proof. Besides, a simple organic strategy can support your paid LinkedIn ads.

Once you publish organic posts on your LinkedIn Company Page, check which really resonated with your followers. Recently, LinkedIn allowed boosting of high-performing posts. Such an option is great for adding more prospects to your sales funnel or retargeting audiences. The first thing you need to do is visit your LinkedIn analytics to find your best-performing content. You can then click the “Boost Post” option on the content where you want to drive more traffic.

Build Ideal Target Audiences for Linked Ads That Focus on First-Party Data Collection

Today, it is very important to collect 1st party data to build your audience. Many recent privacy rules and updates have restricted the collection of 3rd party data. Therefore, it will be smart to build an ideal target audience group for your LinkedIn ads that focus on 1st party data collections.

You can expand LinkedIn targeting using lookalike audiences. Lookalike audiences are users who are similar to your matched audiences in a LinkedIn Company Page. Matched audiences are those who have already interacted with your LinkedIn ads. They are the best source of 1st party data in your CRM tool. If you need to nurture top-funnel audiences, saved audiences are a great place to start. Their buyer personas are based on interests, job functions & titles, professional industries, and seniority levels.

Collect Leads via a LinkedIn Lead Generation Objective

You can also collect information from your LinkedIn leads with permission via lead generation objective. It activates LinkedIn’s native lead gen forms that automatically show the profile information of a prospect. They can become useful resources for conversion data. Alternatively, if you want to run a lead gen campaign for people who opened but did not complete a lead gen form, you can run a website traffic campaign instead.  

Use Website Conversions Objective

A website conversion objective on LinkedIn urges target audiences to complete a certain action on your company’s website. This is an ideal way to guide your prospects to the sales funnel. First, you should install the LinkedIn Insight Tag, where you can set up conversion tracking. Under LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager, click the Create Conversion button. There are several options that you may choose. The basics are:

  • Download a file
  • Join an Event
  • Make a Purchase
  • Sign Up for a list

After setting up a website conversion objective, you can collect 1st party data on your company website.