Since the introduction of Instagram Reels, it has potentially reached 675.3 million users, as a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong reported. According to a social media agency Hong Kong, they made up 45.7% of the total ad reach on the platform. That is why a video marketing agency Hong Kong notes that it is the right time to build a connected brand with Instagram Reels.


Instagram Reels are vertical video clips that can last up to 90 seconds. Through Reels, Instagrammers can record photo clips or videos and sync them into different music clips. Reels were launched as an imitation of TikTok clips. They are currently available in 141 countries, including the United States. On Instagram, Reels are visible on the Reels tab, Explore tab and Stories tab. They can be shared as Stories, posts, and on multiple platforms.


There are three ways to access and create Instagram Reels. These are through:

  • Instagram Home Screen. Tap the + sign at the top of an Instagram home screen and choose Reels.
  • Reels Tab. Tap the reels tab and press the camera icon.
  • Stories Camera. Open the Instagram Stories camera and choose Reels.

Users can long-hold the plus icon (+) to add clips and the minus icon (–) to remove clips. They can add music by tapping the audio icon and searching for songs on the device or music library. They can choose the speed of the song on the left sidebar. To add effects, tap the three stars icon above the record button and browse the effects gallery. Once done, a user can now share Instagram Reels.


Be Authentic

Creating Instagram Reels that are true to the brand will reflect the brand’s values. The clips should align with the target audiences’ behaviors, interests, and preferences. Instagram Reels are a great way to tell your unique brand story. Through creative and inventive ways, publish behind the scenes and products in the makings via Reels.

Brand Objective in Mind

Keep brand objectives in mind when making Instagram Reels. Create Instagram Reels that are short and sweet. It can be a teaser for an upcoming launch or a preview of your best-selling products. Experiment with transitions like a carousel of different offerings. If possible, use augmented reality (AR) to highlight the uniqueness of your brand.

Explore Collaborations

Collaboration is always the key to a connected brand. Partner with other brands, creators, and influencers to boost awareness and reach. Through Instagram Reels, you can link stories with your partners. Once linked, it can benefit both parties as the Reel can reach followers of both sides.

Match the Rhythm

The best thing to do to build a connected brand with Instagram Reels is to sync the music with the audiences and clips. Instagram Reels house a power pack library of audio, music, and song that can fit any type of audience. As such, brands and businesses can use them to take part in cultural moments, popular tones, and trending topics.